Hello world!

Today is a very special day for two reasons. First, this is the start of a personal finance journey, well, at least the documentation of my experiences and advice as a 20 something who tries most of the time to manage her money effectively. Second, today is my 22nd birthday!

Now, what advice could a 20 something offer to you? Perhaps you are in a stage of life drastically different – kids? a house? Well in documenting my steps to get there and live a debt-free life I hope to share my mistakes and successes. This blog is for me, but also for you.

In this past year I have:

  1. Bought a used car
  2. Started a new job
  3. Negotiated a 21% salary increase at my first 6-month review
  4. Spent way too much money on skydiving; both my hobby and social life
  5. Contributed semi-consistently to a Roth IRA

It’s been a big year, with lots of changes. But the reality is that I have little in the way of savings. I have student loans, a car loan, and car insurance to pay each month.

I am extraordinarily lucky as well. I live at home with my mom rent-free right now, a luxury that 50% of millennials don’t have.

Here’s to the end of 2015 and start of a new chapter. I look forward to sharing.

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